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The future of the Music Industry is starting here…!

Shree Music Academy is one of the top music academies in the town. Enabling high-quality music learning for passionate students without age limits. With 16+ franchises throughout the state.

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Team Shree Music wanted to position itself as a pioneer and go-to place for every music learning enthusiast and attract them to join their music academy. Along with the strong idea of franchising the brand to potential entrepreneurs.

Year - 2022

The Campaign

Social Media

We at ZeroMinute created rock music kinda content strategies to attract music learners to join the academy, meanwhile classical music-type strategies attract potential franchise interests.

Blacksheep Event


Shree Music Academy acquired 40% higher learners in a quarter year through the Advertising and Marketing strategy including both branding and performance marketing campaigns. Acquired 180 high-quality franchaise leads through performance campaigns with a 2% Conversation rate.