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Cocofit - Performance marketing

Coconut to be loved, CoCoFit Brand!

Cocofit Zero Minute

CocoFit – India’s first coconut-based food brand with 40+ franchises throughout India. 130+ delicious coconut-infused food items serving a large fanbase! You might have come across their participants in Shark Tank episodes on TV.


Client: Create awareness and position the brand among the Tamilnadu State audience. Attract high potential leads to increase the franchise opportunity in Tamilnadu through performance marketing.

Year - 2022

Franchise Campaign

Cocofit Franchise
Platform - Meta, Google, YouTube

Social Media

cocofit 9-min

We went above and beyond what a typical branding agency would do by conceptualizing and executing all of the social media content. Finally we actually did it…


The social media page has gained a 110% higher reach. The performance marketing campaign generated high-potential leads with 40% less cost per lead with a 3% conversation rate for such a high-cost investment model.