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Chennai Banana Leaf

The Chennai food taste at Assam? YES!

Chennai banana Leaf is the only south Indian veg restaurant in Guwahati, Assam. The most famous in the town for their delicious south-Indian foods. CBL provides the dining, delivery, and corporate food experience in and around Assam.


The client: Let the Assamese people drool with the content plan and make them curious about our food menu through the creatives. Position the brand and create crazy brand awareness among our targeted audience through Instagram. Generate leads for corporate and wedding orders through performance marketing.

Year - 2022

Social Media

Our creative brand team comes up with crazy ideas to promote the brand and its products through banner and video creatives. A food-themed Instagram page played a vital role in brand positioning, recalling the Chennai Banana Leaf among its target audience and area.

Landing Page


Increased the dining by 30% and 60% rise on delivery through Zomato/Swiggy by creating awareness through a paid, influencer, and content marketing. The performance marketing helped generate high-quality leads for their corporate and wedding food orders.